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Language: Raga

Source/Author:  Marie France Duhamel 
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Classification:  Austronesian:Malayo-Polynesian:Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian:Eastern Malayo-Polynesian:Oceanic:Central-Eastern Oceanic:Remote Oceanic:North and Central Vanuatu:Northeast Vanuatu-Banks Islands:East Vanuatu 
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ID: Word: Item: Annotation: Cognacy: Loan:
1 hand lima- hand    
2 left nevilma mwaiɾi left hand    
3 right lima matua right hand    
4 leg/foot      
5 to walk laxo walk    
6 road/path hala road    
7 to come mai come    
8 to turn word info mbumbuɾigai ni-a turn    
9 to swim ŋgari swim    
10 dirty bilbili dirty    
11 dust taniavu dust    
12 skin vinu skin    
13 back word info ɣatiɣu back    
14 belly sibweŋi belly    
15 bone hui bone    
16 intestines sine- guts/intestines    
17 liver ate liver    
18 breast huhu breasts    
19 shoulder isibwa shoulder    
20 to know, be knowledgeable iloe know    
21 to think binihi ndumwia think    
22 to fear mataxu fear    
23 blood      
24 head bwatu- head    
25 neck maɣoɾo neck    
26 hair word info ilu- hair    
27 nose bwaɾihaŋo nose    
28 to breathe mambu breathe    
29 to sniff, smell ɾoŋ bonina smell    
30 mouth mbwaŋo mouth    
31 tooth livo tooth    
32 tongue mea tongue    
33 to laugh mana laugh    
34 to cry      
35 to vomit lua vomit    
36 to spit lodo spit    
37 to eat ɣani-a eat    
38 to chew word info samae chew    
39 to cook word info bwasaxeɾe cook    
40 to drink mwin-ua drink    
41 to bite xasia bite    
42 to suck kowai suck    
43 ear mbweɾo ear    
44 to hear ɾoŋo-e hear    
45 eye mata eye    
46 to see xitae see    
47 to yawn      
48 to sleep matuɾu sleep    
49 to lie down word info eno lie down    
50 to dream matuɾumboɾe dream    
51 to sit toata sit down    
52 to stand toamaɾe stand up    
53 person/human being atatu person    
54 man/male atamani man    
55 woman/female vavine woman    
56 child natuɾiɣi child    
57 husband ahoana her husband    
58 wife tasalana wife    
59 mother ɾatahina mother (3sg poss)    
60 father      
61 house ima house    
62 thatch/roof      
63 name iha name    
64 to say vevea say    
65 rope xau rope    
66 to tie up, fasten      
67 to sew word info liɣoe sew    
68 needle      
69 to hunt word info      
70 to shoot word info bubusi shoot    
71 to stab, pierce saɾia stab    
72 to hit word info wehi-a hit    
73 to steal suɾai steal    
74 to kill wehi bwamatea kill    
75 to die, be dead mate dead    
76 to live, be alive      
77 to scratch word info taŋgaɾia scratch    
78 to cut, hack word info vai cut    
79 stick/wood xai stick    
80 to split word info      
81 sharp mamaɣani sharp    
82 dull, blunt mbwatoa dull    
83 to work word info      
84 to plant ɾivu-a plant    
85 to choose      
86 to grow word info mauri grow    
87 to swell word info mwasivi swell    
88 to squeeze word info bwiɾihi-a squeeze    
89 to hold word info      
90 to dig ɣeli-a dig    
91 to buy      
92 to open, uncover vaŋia open    
93 to pound, beat word info      
94 to throw word info vohai ni-a throw    
95 to fall word info hovi fall    
96 dog vwiɾiu dog    
97 bird manu bird    
98 egg idoli egg    
99 feather lalau feather    
100 wing ɣabau wind    
101 to fly xaxa flae (v)    
102 rat ɣarivi rat    
103 meat/flesh biɣi meat    
104 fat/grease ɾuda fat    
105 tail ŋgeɾen tail    
106 snake teltele snake    
107 worm (earthworm) silosi earthworm    
108 louse word info ɣutu louse    
109 mosquito      
110 spider taɣaɣa spider    
111 fish ixe fish    
112 rotten word info mboni rotten    
113 branch word info ɾaɾa-n ɣai branch    
114 leaf ɾaun ɣai leaf    
115 root      
116 flower viɾan ɣai flower    
117 fruit vai xai fruit    
118 grass bwatmanea grass    
119 earth/soil      
120 stone vatu stone    
121 sand ute an tahi sand    
122 water word info wai water    
123 to flow      
124 sea tahi sea    
125 salt xalaxala salt    
126 lake waitoɣo lake    
127 woods/forest      
128 sky mahau sky    
128 sky tenlaŋi sky    
129 moon vula moon    
129 moon namu mosquito    
130 star visiu star    
131 cloud word info tenlaŋi cloud    
132 fog masisi fog    
133 rain uhe rain    
134 thunder bwahilo thunder    
135 lightning vilohi lightning    
136 wind laŋi wind    
137 to blow word info uvwia blow    
138 warm word info      
139 cold word info      
140 dry word info ŋalaŋala drae    
141 wet meho wet    
142 heavy maɾahi heavy    
143 fire ɣabi fire    
144 to burn word info tunua burn    
145 smoke word info ahu smoke    
146 ash taliavun ɣabi ash    
147 black meto black    
148 white maita white    
149 red memea red    
150 yellow aŋoɣa yellow    
151 green ɣeha grin    
152 small kolo small    
153 big gaivua big    
154 short word info vwelvwele short    
155 long word info ŋava long    
156 thin word info      
157 thick word info gaivuha thick    
158 narrow mwa nevnevi narrow    
159 wide      
160 painful, sick haɾo sick    
161 shy, ashamed busbusi ashamed    
162 old word info bwatavwe old    
163 new xara new    
164 good tavuha good    
165 bad, evil nu hantai it's bad    
166 correct, true      
167 night mboŋi night    
168 day      
169 year taulu year    
170 when? word info baten hano when    
171 to hide word info hilli hide    
172 to climb word info hae amaɾe climb    
173 at alun at    
174 in, inside alolo-na inside    
175 above      
176 below      
177 this geki this    
178 that kahaŋga that    
179 near abe-da near us    
180 far      
181 where? word info behe where    
182 I      
183 thou hiŋgo you    
184 he/she kea she/he    
185 we word info kamai we (excl)    
185 we word info gidaɾu we (incl du)    
185 we word info gida we (incl)    
186 you kimiru gairua you (dual plural)    
186 you kimiu you (pl)    
187 they keɾa they    
188 what? word info hano what    
189 who? word info ihei who    
190 other dolua other    
191 all ŋotoŋoto all    
192 and      
193 if      
194 how? word info      
195 no, not siɣai no    
196 to count vulinia count    
197 One word info gai tuva one    
198 Two word info gaiɾua two    
199 Three word info gai tolu three    
200 Four word info gai vasi four    
201 Five word info lima five    
202 Six word info xai ono six    
203 Seven word info xai bitu seven    
204 Eight word info ɣai vwelu eight    
205 Nine word info sivo nine    
206 Ten word info haŋvul ten    
207 Twenty word info navu xai ɾua twenty    
208 Fifty word info ŋovol lima fifty    
209 One Hundred word info vudolua one hundred    
210 One Thousand word info      

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