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Language: Caac

Source/Author:  Jim HOLLYMAN & Maurice MWÊAU, n.d (1960- ), Le Caa 
Notes:  This kanak language is spoken by the Mwelebeng people (called 'Moenebeng' by Maurice LEENHARDT) in the North-East of New Caledonia, between the villages of Balade and Pouebo.
NOTE 1 (Source) : The data presented here comes from a non-published work of Jim HOLLYMAN and Maurice MWÊAU. This work contains a sketch of Caac grammar (phonology, morpholy and syntax), a few tales in Caac, as well as a bilingual dictionnary (Caac-French / French-Caac).
In terms of documentation and description, this work takes over from Maurice LEENHARDT's documentation and linguistics description attempt during the beginning of the 20th century.
NOTE 2 (Methodology) : The work of Jim Hollyman & al. provides two dictionnaries.
The first one translates the Caac lexical items in French and provides precise semantic features.
The second one translates the French lexical items in Caac, and provides only a translation without providing any additionnal information on the semantic features.
The second dictionnary has been used first. When there is more than one term found in Caac for one lexical entry in french, the first dictionnary and the developped semantic features it provides has been used to reduce as much as possible the variation and to keep the more relevant term (i.e. the more general one which semantic features fit the ones of the English word).
NOTE 3 (Borrowings) : The authors do not provide a list of borrowed word from another language. The borrowing is mentionned case by case. When possible, they have been removed from the data entry and a note signals it. 
Problems:  This dictionnary include a sketch of Caac grammar, but does not provide any numerals description.
The numerals in Caac have been collected by Maurice LEENHARDT. To check the Caac numerals, enter the 'Moenebeng' in the research section. 
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ID: Word: Item: Annotation: Cognacy: Loan:
1 hand hik   10  
2 left   1, 59  
3 right      
4 leg/foot hek      
5 to walk ɣa:mwan      
6 road/path pʰano      
7 to come ame      
8 to turn word info nuxei      
9 to swim ɣʰe:um      
10 dirty tiɣalon      
11 dust puwunu      
12 skin ci:n      
13 back word info du:n      
14 belly jic      
15 bone du:n      
16 intestines      
17 liver kʰi:c      
18 breast wã:ᵑgen      
19 shoulder bun      
20 to know, be knowledgeable hi:na wʰana : 'be knowledgeable'    
21 to think nemi      
22 to fear hã:ɣa      
23 blood kora      
24 head bwan      
25 neck no:n      
26 hair word info pun      
27 nose      
28 to breathe nanan      
29 to sniff, smell cʰeneᵐbon      
30 mouth nep (1) Means 'bottem side of the face'    
30 mouth wʰan nep (2) wʰan 'hole', nep ''bottom side of the face'    
31 tooth pe:ɣep      
32 tongue ku:mec      
33 to laugh ek      
34 to cry go      
35 to vomit kõk      
35 to vomit mu:ja      
36 to spit pʰuɣa      
37 to eat wʰic      
38 to chew word info mʰa can Means 'to chew while sucking at something'    
39 to cook word info      
40 to drink keⁿdek      
41 to bite ɣac      
42 to suck ti:vic      
43 ear je:nic      
44 to hear tena      
45 eye tʰi:va      
46 to see hãⁿdi 'to make someone see something'    
46 to see jexa:i 'to make someone see something'    
47 to yawn hoalam      
48 to sleep keᵐben      
48 to sleep kẽũleŋ      
49 to lie down word info tʰeva      
50 to dream hut      
51 to sit      
52 to stand      
53 person/human being ãc      
54 man/male alek      
55 woman/female te:vo      
56 child kaᵐbe      
57 husband amwaon      
58 wife ɣa:wen      
59 mother nen      
60 father cama      
61 house mwã      
62 thatch/roof koɣe mwã      
63 name ɣat      
64 to say heli      
65 rope mweᵑgep      
66 to tie up, fasten kai      
67 to sew word info tiɣi      
68 needle du:ᵐbwek      
69 to hunt word info cʰi:ᵐba      
70 to shoot word info meᶮje      
71 to stab, pierce cʰenim      
72 to hit word info temeᶮje 'to hit (with a spear)'    
72 to hit word info waᵑgei 'to hit (with an object - wtihout any other specification -)'    
73 to steal caŋ (1) Means 'to steal (from somebody)'    
73 to steal kic (2) Means 'to steal (something)'    
74 to kill maɣei      
75 to die, be dead mac      
76 to live, be alive merip Means 'to be alive, healthy'    
77 to scratch word info hili      
78 to cut, hack word info tamuna Means 'to cut (with an axe)'    
79 stick/wood ce:c      
80 to split word info ta:ᵑgali      
81 sharp cac      
82 dull, blunt cera:c      
83 to work word info poxa      
84 to plant ɣa:mwi      
85 to choose cʰamwi      
86 to grow word info hu:lac      
86 to grow word info wa:ra      
87 to swell word info cʰibuk      
88 to squeeze word info      
89 to hold word info cimwi      
90 to dig ɣʰa:i 'to dig (in order to go out)'    
90 to dig cap Ancient form    
91 to buy iɣu      
92 to open, uncover tevi      
92 to open, uncover wʰa:i      
93 to pound, beat word info caᵐbi      
94 to throw word info meje      
95 to fall word info      
96 dog cawek      
97 bird menic      
98 egg pʰi:en(1)/pʰi:ɣe(2) pʰi:-en/ɣe : this morphological variation seems to be related to the phonetical environment; (1) pʰi:en menic 'bird egg"; (2) pʰi:ɣe ho 'chicken egg'    
99 feather pun      
100 wing pun hin      
101 to fly pʰuc      
102 rat cawek Ancient form    
102 rat ci:ᵐbwi Modern form    
103 meat/flesh      
104 fat/grease puric      
105 tail ciᵐbi:ɶn 'fish tail'    
105 tail tʰiŋin 'rat/bird tail'    
106 snake do jen sp.    
106 snake gũ:on sp.    
106 snake hin da:n sp.    
107 worm (earthworm) be      
108 louse word info ci:c Means 'head louse'    
109 mosquito neᵐbwic      
109 mosquito neᵐbu:c      
110 spider hã:p 'ground spider which doesn't make web'    
110 spider nõᵑgin 'web spider'    
111 fish nek      
112 rotten word info di:n      
113 branch word info hin ce:c      
114 leaf dek      
115 root wa:n      
116 flower mu:c      
117 fruit pwen      
118 grass      
119 earth/soil dilic/bwe delic bwe : 'surface'    
120 stone pe:ic      
121 sand o:n      
122 water word info we      
123 to flow cun      
124 sea denec      
124 sea wexac      
125 salt      
126 lake cʰa:c      
127 woods/forest jec      
127 woods/forest toᶮjec      
128 sky poa      
129 moon mwanuk      
130 star piuk      
131 cloud word info ne:ɲ      
132 fog ka-tek      
132 fog maxat      
132 fog walauc      
133 rain kola      
134 thunder nʰi:ek      
135 lightning ɲonim      
136 wind pwen ut Means 'variable wind'; a lexical opposition between this word and another has not been found    
137 to blow word info u:i      
138 warm word info nʰu      
139 cold word info a:waᶮjo      
139 cold word info caᵐbuk      
140 dry word info meɣuk      
141 wet be:ɶn      
141 wet biwet      
142 heavy pwa:lek      
143 fire jonek      
144 to burn word info texec      
145 smoke word info pum      
146 ash dep   1  
147 black de:do      
148 white pʰu:lo      
149 red mi:a      
149 red ulo      
150 yellow kari      
151 green pu:ɲ      
152 small mawat      
152 small pwen      
153 big hã:c      
153 big hu:lac      
153 big tanevo      
154 short word info ku:ᵐbut Means 'short (in length)'    
155 long word info wʰelic      
156 thin word info te:rep      
157 thick word info huᶮju      
157 thick word info tan      
158 narrow ho:i      
159 wide hã:c      
160 painful, sick pʰa:lic Means 'sick'    
161 shy, ashamed tamaran      
162 old word info hu:laɣe      
163 new kaɣa:      
163 new pau      
164 good ɣʰo      
165 bad, evil mwaɲ      
166 correct, true haᶮjuk      
167 night bwin      
168 day bwe      
169 year jek      
170 when? word info tẽ:n      
171 to hide word info tip      
172 to climb word info tʰeva      
173 at o      
174 in, inside re      
175 above      
176 below      
177 this ni:ɶn      
178 that ni:le      
179 near cu arean      
180 far heut      
181 where? word info pa      
182 I no      
183 thou ɣo      
184 he/she i      
185 we word info ɲi (incl.) ɣeᵐbe (excl.)      
186 you ɣa:      
187 they ra      
188 what? word info ce   1  
188 what? word info da   1  
189 who? word info ti      
190 other aᵐban Aᵐban ãc : 'an other man'    
190 other araile Can be used to mean 'the others'    
191 all cʰuxi      
192 and ma Used to coordinate two nouns within a nominal clause, or to coordinate two nominal clauses    
192 and name Used to coordinate two sentence    
193 if pwame      
194 how? word info hũ:va      
195 no, not cʰa:ᵐbwan      
196 to count pʰina:      
197 One word info cʰec      
198 Two word info      
199 Three word info      
200 Four word info      
201 Five word info      
202 Six word info      
203 Seven word info      
204 Eight word info      
205 Nine word info      
206 Ten word info pʰaiⁿdu      
207 Twenty word info      
208 Fifty word info      
209 One Hundred word info      
210 One Thousand word info      

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